Welcome to Scarsdale Commons

Westchester’s Most Exclusive Address

Uncommon Luxury

Awarded “Best apartment rental in Scarsdale” by the Business Hall of Fame for the past five years, Scarsdale Commons is Westchester’s most exclusive address. Featuring homes ranging in size from one bedroom flats to three bedroom lofts, Scarsdale Commons has the ability to accommodate your every living need.


Located at 70 Garth Rd, Scarsdale Commons is conveniently situated two blocks away from the Scarsdale train station, offering the elegance and ease of Manhattan living in a suburban setting.

Classic Exterior Design

From the minute you approach Scarsdale Commons, the impressively beautiful facade takes your breath away. Designed to encompass and uphold the classic Tudor style Scarsdale, NY is famous for, Scarsdale Commons has become a symbol of the town and blends harmoniously with the historical architecture of the surrounding buildings in the area.

Elegant Interior

Warm beige and chocolate brown tones dress the impressively beautiful lobby of Scarsdale Commons. With extravagantly hand painted walls, marble mantle fire place, rich leather seating and a beautiful antique Persian rug, the lobby invites you to relax and unwind in an atmosphere that truly feels like home. Our staff keeps a conveniently located coffee bar fully stocked with a variety of blends to give you that extra boost when you need it most. All hallways are extra wide, custom carpeted, and decoratively lit to ensure that every step you take fulfills your every expectation.